Batman McFarlane Art DC1781-T1031

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Todd McFarlanes' Cover Art Of Batman From January 1 St 1988 Was One Example Of How He Would Pay Homage ;To His Spawn Creation Later On In His Career,Celebrate The 20Th Anniversary. In June 2012 Used This Batman Cover And Others And Had Some Fun With His Comic. Spawn Featured Covers Each Month That Paid Homage To Past Comic Book Covers, This Method Is Called & Quot;Swipes And There Were Eight In Total Which After Those He Returned To Doing Up Original Covers. This Batman Cover Done For The January 1St 1988 Issue Was The First Time McFarlane Drew Batman. All Our T-Shirts Are Made Up Of USA Yarns And This One Is No Different In Our Blended 50% Cotton And 50% Polyester. Made To Feel Great Each And Every Time You Put It On.

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