Kamik Siennaf WK2012

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Get through the colder seasons with warm feet, wearing Kamik’s SiennaF women's stylish boots. Whether you’re walking on a slushy sidewalk with colleagues or running to yoga class in the rain, these versatile boots for winter and fall won’t disappoint. Feature 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation for warmth, lightweight RubberHe bottoms, and a genuine shearling lining.

Keep warm in frosty weather with 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation Type B200, protecting from the cold even in wet conditions. Perfect for cool days.

Made to the highest standards, using domestic and imported materials.

We spent two years perfecting our RubberHe, and it was worth it. As light as helium and as strong as iron, it offers superior traction and flexibility. Plus, it’s 50% lighter than natural rubber and is 100% recyclable, so it’s light on nature too.

With their lightweight waterproof soles, these boots provide a great barrier between your feet and snow or water. Stay dry no matter what it does outside.

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